Welcome to my Blog, they say start as you mean to go on.  So I started the site about 5 years ago now, and now starting the blog in 2022.  Better late than never.  I'll try to keep things up to date, what I'm doing, considering, done.  Kit reviews what I think of the stuff I'm using and all the usual bloggy stuff. 

Another new drone - DJI Mini 3 Pro review.

July 20, 2022
Many of you are aware that I recently bought a drone, you've all seen the photos and videos, sorry! Every tech user everywhere is always looking for the next upgrade and...
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First post - DJI Mini SE review

May 30, 2022
OK first post is a review of my new DJI Mini SE, or drone LOL. I've always found the idea of having a drone interesting but the trade off between decent quality and pric...
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